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in search of "Cookies to keep"


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In version 1.15, "cookies to keep" existed in a tools/setting part of CCleaner (which I started using as CrapCleaner under Windows XP-Pro - prior name was fine by me, certainly applicable). 

The keep list was built from cookies CC found across all browsers.  Keepers were added to the "keep list"  by selection which then "moved" to a parallel panel, and intuitive and easy to handle interface, plus the existing and "keep" lists could be searched AND sorted if necessary to group similar named origination sites in sequence.   I had many in that list, but cannot see what that list contains now to possibly remove some.   The curent set-up is a PITA, not way to ease organization of that is shown as "allowed" websites - seeing all cookies currently "accepted" to allow exclusion makes sense, but arrangement of them is important for sanity and tracking.

I AM more concerned with finding the file to see the list.   Deciding keep or toss is secondary, but admit that HOW to edit/maintain the full list versus the current method in 2.7 or later is a possible hurdle to jump.  I do NOT have or expect to acquire the latest macOS,  - I have OSX 10.11 and might get to 10.13, all of that primarily because of the HFS+ to APFS file system and its handling of TimeMachine archives.  My current MBPro might be compatible with Catalina, but that may be a single leap too far for my situation near-term.


Thank you in advance for any clues :)

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