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Make per-file defrag move 'Large Files'; also, encryption metadata defrag


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I have "Move large files to end of drive during whole drive defrag", "Move only selected files, folders and file types" and "Do not apply minimum file size to custom Files/Folders" enabled. And I have several directories defined in the Files/Folders tab. For whatever reason, this doesn't always work properly. On one of my drives everything in the specified directories is moved to the end, fragmented or not. And everything not in the specified directories is moved to the front, fragmented or not. On another drive only some of the 'Large Files' are moved to the end, even if they are fragmented.

I don't typically use Defrag Freespace, but when I run it on the problem drive (with "Do not move 'Large Files' during Defrag Freespace" disabled), the 'Large Files' that get left in the middle during standard defrag get moved. It actually leaves large swaths of empty space and some fragmented files for whatever reason, which is why I part of the reason I don't bother with it, but I digress. The point is it rules out any file access issues and makes it even more strange that normal defrag doesn't move these files.

Anyway, I don't think I can provide anything in the way of troubleshooting this. So what I'd like is the option for the 'Large File' settings to be honoured when doing per-file defragmentation, even if the file isn't actually fragmented. Maybe it's a hacky work-around, but at least it should produce the desired/expected results when normal operation fails to do so.


Additionally, I noticed that when using the built-in folder encryption (Windows 10 Pro), what I assume is metadata related to the encryption (<filename>:$EFS) doesn't get touched during defrag. This can lead to the metadata being spread all over the drive over time. If it's possible, it would be nice if this metadata could be moved along with the related file.

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