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Files found, in perfect condition, are not getting recovered ("volume altered")


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Hello all! I urgently need help, please.

I accidentally deleted the Camera folder from my phone's SD card yesterday (Windows somehow ignored the file selection and instead deleted the whole folder).

I just found all of them with Recuva, selected the green ones and some yellow ones, but when I click "Recover", it recovers 0 files. The error message is (translated from German) "The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid".

How do I get Recuva to actually recover my files?


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Update: I did use a microSD to USB converter stick (forgot to write in my original post; the card in question is of course a micro SD, not an SD), which may have not been the best quality and may have lost connection at some point (that would explain why the Explorer window for the card kept opening at the end of the search). I am now re-trying the whole process with a microSD to SD converter card and hoping that does the trick.

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