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CCleaner Browser Does NOT display Log-In Icon on Bing.com Search Engine Website!

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To Whom it May Concern;

  As the Snapshots clearly show currently the CCleaner Browser is NOT able to show the critically important Log-in Icon, as well as the Microsoft Rewards & the Notifications Icon which should be appearing to the left of the 3 horizontal bars in the Upper Right hand corner! Speaking for myself, if this critically important issue can not be resolved I will NOT be able to use the CCleaner Browser for my usual routines.

CCleaner Browser Bing website-NO Log-In Icon.JPG

OPERA -BING Search Engine Website.JPG

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Guest johnccleaner

I'm not able to reproduce this issue. On three separate computers, CCleaner Browser displayed the Sign in button, the Rewards button, and the Menu button on Bing.com, even with all options turned on in the Security & Privacy Center. 

(I also checked that it could do so in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, out of curiosity.)

The Privacy Guard extension, in the Security & Privacy Center, was set to Basic Blocking as per default. However, I tried setting it to Strict and was unable to reproduce this issue, so I don't believe that to be the issue. 

Is it possible that you have an extension installed in CCleaner Browser that could be interfering with this? You might try disabling any extensions you've added to the software to see if the expected controls are displayed after doing so.

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 I only had ONE extension installed which was the Microsoft Bing Extension, which didn't seem to offer a way to disable it so I removed it, But it didn't seem to make any difference. When I turned OFF "ALL" of the Privacy and Security Options, the Log-In, Microsoft Rewards and Notifications Icon are now appearing. ONLY  NOW "ALL" of the Privacy and Security Options are turned OFF and I'm concerned about how vulnerable this makes the CCleaner Browser.























































































































































































































































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Guest johnccleaner

That's quite curious, as I'm still seeing these controls even with the Security & Privacy Center options turned on (in version 109.0.19817.77, specifically), set to the Recommended Settings. 

I'll let our development team know what you've found in case they're able to reproduce this where I cannot so it can be studied.

In the mean time, having those functions disabled wouldn't make CCleaner Browser any more "vulnerable" than, for instance, Google Chrome (which doesn't have those functions at all) or any other Chromium-based browser.

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