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CCleaner free version pretty useless


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The free version for Mac is pretty useless. It doesn't clean much at all. Popular browsers are locked out. I thought it was running smoothly when it showed the "Nothing to clean" but it's a lie because there is more to clean. It's pretty useless if it doesn't clean. I don't like being deceived or blackmailed into buying. It also doesn't clean the trash bin. another reason why Ccleaner is useless.

I'm desperately looking for a far better cleaner, anyone know of any? Don't bother with CCleaner free version it doesn't clean much at all. Pay for the working version if you like but I refuse to be forced into it. On the CCleaner home page there's no indication of how much to fork out, no you only find out when you're on the buying page then it could be too late.

I thought the CCleaner team were on our side but no, they're not. I hate being forced into anything.

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