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Trying to recover folder structure from found.000 files


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After using Recuva to try and recover lost stuff due to Windows' chkdsk, it did recover the files, but like in the picture.

Is there anyway to recover their original names and folder structure.

By the way, I checked the option "recover folder structure", but it didn't seem to affect anything. Maybe it's not related?

PS: it took 12 hours to do this...


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Unfortunately, there probably isn't anything that can be done.

"Recover folder structure" relies on the "PATH" attribute associated with a file in order to know what path to put it in; if that attribute is not present or unreadable, then this setting won't be able to do anything.

Additionally, .chk files are not even full files, but more fragments of files that chkdsk was able to recover. This discussion: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/how-can-i-convert-chk-files-to-their-original/7e3066c8-8ae3-4f65-bd56-fb8f78db473a talks a little more about it and mentions a program called "deCHK" that may be able to return some of these files to a usable state (though not necessarily with their name or path).

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