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CCleaner v6.01.9825

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CCleaner 6.01 brings even better cleaning, maintenance, and optimization to your PC. First, our new Performance Optimizer has some improvements to make it easier to use. Second, we've added more free cleaning for a number of popular apps present on the Microsoft Store, including iTunes and Netflix. This cleaning is optional: you can turn it on in Custom Clean. Third, Software Updater can provide updates to an additional 30 apps, taking its coverage to more than 150 popular apps! Finally, thank you to those who reported long loading times for CCleaner, this should be back to normal now in this release.

Helping you to keep your PC running fast and smooth

  • We’ve rectified the Driver Updater badge counter so it no longer shows the wrong number of drivers to update in some cases
  • We’ve made many quality-of-life improvements to Performance Optimizer:
  • We’ve optimized its own performance to use fewer resources
  • We’ve added a notification for  made it more obvious when an app requires a restart before it can enter or leave Sleep Mode
  • We’ve made some wording clearer
  • We’ve fixed some visual bugs 
  • We’ve fixed an issue that occurred when switching from non-admin to admin in Windows
  • We’ve added better error reporting so our engineers can fix issues more quickly

Expanding our cleaning

We've added cleaning for Microsoft Store installations of: 

  • Amazon Music, iTunes & Spotify
  • Netflix, Disney+ & VLC Media Player
  • WhatsApp
  • Microsoft To Do
  • Raw Image Extension
  • Trio Office

Taking the hassle out of PC maintenance

  • We fixed an issue where CCleaner took a long time to load if you have large driver backup files present
  • Software Updater now supports an additional 30 applications; including OpenOffice, Plex Media - Player and CPU-Z
  • Request more apps for Software Updater at ideas.ccleaner.com

Simplifying the app

  • New caret arrows in Driver Updater show that driver categories can be expanded
  • The Account menu, where you can manage your license and start a free trial, is now easier to find 

Keeping you safe

  • As part of our continued commitment to security, we’ve made various minor security improvements based on focused testing (penetration testing, static code analysis)
  • Updates like these are typical, preventative measures taken by all good software companies
  • One such example is that we've upgraded the version of OpenSSL we use for secure data transfer to the latest one (1.1.1o)

Note about CCleaner Portable

We have paused releases of CCleaner Portable while we resolve a compatibility issue. We hope to have this resolved soon.

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