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Well recovered .avi videos with recuva, cannot be viewed with any video software


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Name of archive: MDalarm_20220519_090020.avi
Route: C:\Recordfiles_DY2TSKXNBALYJENA111AAZZZ\20220519\20220519_004645

Size: 3,75 MB (3.934.568)

Condition: Excellent

Creation date: 05/19/2022 17:00

Date of last modification: 05/19/2022 17:00

Date of last access: 05/20/2022 11:24

Comment: No overwritten cluster detected.

However, I can't see them with any viewer, help please


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Guest johnccleaner

This likely means that they were already damaged prior to recovery; keep in mind that Recuva cannot repair files, it can only recover them exactly as written on the drive. (The 'Condition' is simply an estimate - in this case, it means that Recuva couldn't detect any damage, but not necessarily that there isn't any.)

You might be able to use a service like: https://fix.video/ or the software in this article: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-repair-broken-avi-files-that-wont-play-windows-only/ to repair the file(s). 

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