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Removal - how?


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MAC: I want to uninstall CCleaner but I can't, a recent changes means it now runs as a background task always. If I go into MAC Activity Monitor and kill the CCleaner process it just instantly starts up again. I can't use the standard removal method as on a mac you can not uninstall an application when its "open". I did some search on the matter and nothing works, CCleaner just keeps restarting the process therefore keeps active therefore prevents removal to trash.

I find this practice pretty invasive, not that it is any of my business who in product had this bright idea?  

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Guest MeganCCleaner

Hi @kfitz We're not yet certain of why this is happening as we're able to uninstall CCleaner Mac on our lab computers, without issue.

Can you please see if you can uninstall the app using the following steps?

  • Open Applications > right-click CCleaner > click "Show Package Contents"
  • Expand the "Contents" folder > open the "Uninstaller" file

Otherwise if this doesn't work either, please let me know as I'll be eager to ensure you are able to remove the app.

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Guest MeganCCleaner

In most situations, you are not required to show the package contents and instead, CCleaner Mac can be uninstalled using these steps:

  1. Open CCleaner
  2. Click CCleaner in the menu bar ((top-left)
  3. Select "Uninstall CCleaner"

However any feedback you have on improvements that could be made would be greatly appreciated, and you can submit feedback to us here:  https://ideas-mac.ccleaner.com 

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It's a terrible practice in fairness, I went in circles until you explained how to uninstall Megan. The community forum is a form of feedback, if I was the product manager I'd take a serious look at this practice on a Mac, your just driving people away (when they figure out how to remove it).

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