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How to Remove CCleaner from MacOS?

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I cant remove this app. Its always open. I kill the process it restarts itself within no time and therefore i cant put it into trash. It autostarts when i reboot my Mac eventho it is neither in the launchagents folder or in the normal auutostart list. It behaves like mal/spyware. Really not cool.

So killing process from Terminal does not work either. The Process from which it starts is launchd, which is crucial for the OS to work.

Edit: I found a solution via Terminal ccleaner can be removed from launchd. Type this into Terminal: launchctl remove com.piriform.CCleaner

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Thanks for the lost hour ....
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Hi @SherlockThanks for the updates on this situation as I am delighted to hear that you were able to remove CCleaner via the terminal command, although I am terribly sorry for any trouble this may have caused to you.

I'll inform our product team of the problems you encountered when attempting to remove the app so they can investigate further as the behavior you described is not intended.

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Thanks for sharing this terminal trick

I was infuriated when I realised I couldn't remove CCleaner on my new Macbook because the process would not terminate and just start itself again, so I couldn't remove the software from the applications folder. I wanted to install version 1.18 again. 

This is the definition of a malicious piece of software. What the hell happened. I really miss CC v1

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