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Invalid Image Link URL ('https://' is needed) error after disabling edge


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i disabled edge via the programs section in ccleaner and since i did that, i get this error when attempting to make edits on an about section of a streaming platform

I cannot  find anyone else on the platform that has this issue

not finding anything online to fix this issue that appears to be caused by the chromium aspect of edge, if thats such a thing

cant find anyway to enable edge back,  i installed the edge app from MS store, no luck

I did not to a back up, and the reg file that was created does not allow me to redo the regclean

so i am stuck with what to do, hence me creating this thread

i dont know of any other options to pursue since ccleaner is only changes i made prior to the error and i cant find anything via searches


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I did a system reset leaving files in place

since i did that, I get 2 instances of MS edge in my apps settings.

however, the instance that I disabled via the uninstall section of ccleaner

is just showing a blue square, not the MS logo

the new install of edge with the system reset is seen correctly and is displayed in ccleaner

the instance of edge that i disabled via the uninstall section of ccleaner isn't even displayed

how do i get the instance of edge to show up again in ccleaner to be able to enable it

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