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Kamo completely breaks Firefox


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Just a heads up, I've spent the last week trying to work out why firefox had suddenly become so broken. Almost every web page I tried to access would come up with Secure Connection Failed error of some description and need 1-3 refreshes to be able to access the website. Other browsers still ok, but since I usually use firefox it was very frustrating to put it mildly. I'd actually suspected Kamo as it was the only recent new program and the timing was suspect and so turned off its functions, but there was no difference so I mistakenly thought it was not the culprit. Many tests, reading up on error codes and fluffing around later and I decided to uninstall Kamo completely. Instant fix. Basically Kamo does not seem to play nice with this browser. If you're having a problem with firefox, Kamo may be the issue. I'm kind of surprised CCleaner did not check compatibility with major browsers before suggesting a trial of this program.


Edit: Even worse it looks like this is a know problem for months judging from the message boards here. Really not impressed CCleaner. You cost me a lot of time trying to sort this one out that I shouldn't have had to spend for a known bugged program. I always thought CCleaner was a good program and have recommended it. Kind of have me concerned now :(

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