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Driver updates for hardware I never had.


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I just bought a brand new desktop from ibuypower and while I typically only used ccleaner to clean my registry, I did a driver scan because why not. My pc has an RTX 2060 gpu and no wireless network hardware. Yet it says I have driver updates for gpus I clearly don't have, as well as a whole list of wireless related hardware. Ccleaner found no less than 40 driver updates after windows update and avast show everything is fine. What's up with that?


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Hi @Midinette I'm not yet certain of why this is happening but our support team would like to investigate further.

You can easily contact them via email, using support@ccleaner.com.

To help with the investigation, please send the following files:

  1. C:\Program Files\CCleaner\Data\DUState.dat
  2. C:\Program Files\CCleaner\LOG\DriverUpdaterLib.log
  3. C:\Windows\INF\setupapi.dev.log
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