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Please let me move CCleaner


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I was online with Help for another program when CCleaner decided it was time to clean my computer. I needed access to the computer to finish my help call, and really did not want to be bothered by CCleaner right that minute, but the program's window was smack in the middle of my desktop and would not budge, so I couldn't access anything else without an annoying workaround. GRRRR. Please let me move the CCleaner window out of the way until I am ready to use the program. 

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You should be able to click-and-drag the window via its title bar like any other window, minimize it, or even close it - CCleaner does not disable or block any of these options. Not to mention, if you open another window, it should then open in front of CCleaner.

CCleaner also doesn't open the entire window when performing an automatic cleaning option. if using the Schedule option, then it simply animates the icon in the Notification tray; for Smart Cleaning, if set to notify you, the notification would be a small prompt in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Can you provide me with more information on what CCleaner showed when it opened up, and if you were able to move to other portions of the software (such as the Tools or Options menu)?

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