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Guest johnccleaner

That error can typically be ignored; "\\.\HarddiskVolume#" usually refers to something like a recovery partition or other similar system data that you wouldn't generally need to be recovering from anyway.

A better option would be to, in step 3 of the Wizard: "File Location", suggest a specified location of C:\ as then this error shouldn't occur (since the software isn't looking in that unneeded area. (Or the drive in question; a USB Flash drive, for instance, might be E:, F:, etc.)

Even if you leave a File Location of "I'm not sure", however, you should still be able to click OK and continue to the search results, the overwhelming majority of which should be on C:. I wouldn't actually recommend using the "In the Recycle Bin" option in this case, however, as that will prevent you from finding some files that may have been in the Recycling Bin, but have lost their "PATH" attribute, so Recuva won't be able to tell where they belong.

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