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Cannot read drive


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Guest johnccleaner

This might not be a problem - if the drive it's saying it can't open is a "\\.HardiskVolume%" one, then that would indicate things like the recovery partition or other similar 'system partitions that we don't want to mess with anyway - you can just click 'OK' past that error. 

If it's referring to the drive in question, then this can indicate a problem with the drive, such as that it's not able to continue providing power to the drive, or that the drive's controller is crashing.

It can also indicate an issue with the cable (that's probably the least likely, but hopefully the easiest to test).

You might also try the process listed here: https://www.howtogeek.com/296918/how-to-stop-windows-from-powering-off-your-usb-devices to prevent the drive from being powered down, as that would also prevent Recuva from being able to open the drive. 

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This is a SD Card that is accessed using a USB adapter - I also tried to use a large SD card adapter - it says Unable to Open Drive ti start the file scan steps.

The drive assigned is the F: for the usb adapter

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Guest johnccleaner

That's making me wonder, then, if it is indeed that the SD card is damaged; that would seem to suggest that the computer can detect and access the card reader, but that it's not being able to 'get past' it to the SD card.

And, especially if it's not working with two different adapters connected in different manners (I presume?), that definitely seems to be a bad sign.

You might try a known-good SD card and see if you get the same behavior (you shouldn't); if you don't, then that would prove that it's working up to the adapter, and that it's the SD card that's the problem. At that point, you'd likely need to talk to a data recovery service or the manufacturer of the card to see what options you could take next, if any.

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