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Wrong drive type detection!


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Why is it Defraggler and Speccy detect my drive as SSD? My drive D:// is only an HDD. Upon checking on Windows system information and AIDA64 Extreme software, I only have HDD on my drive D://. Is this a bug? See image for your reference.




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They have to update Defraggler and Speccy as they have bug when it comes in detecting the drive. SSD shouldn't be defragged. only be trimmed.  I think they have to remove the defrag option if the drive is SSD.

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Its because the drive is a SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) type of drive and they use the same TRIM command as SSDs do use for a different purpose.

Defraggler and a few other programs incorrectly see this as an SSD, when it is in fact used (on SMR drives such as yours) for "prompting" the drive to reclaim the non SMR parts of the drive that act as a faster cache area before they are written to the SMR area that make up most of the drive.

So don't worry, you can defragment it just fine with Defraggler or a better defragmenter.


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