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File Partially Overwritten


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I accidentally deleted the wrong video off my goPro and subsequently the sd card. When I got home I tried a few different recovery software's but none worked prior to finding out about Recuva and it worked for a couple videos but the one I wanted is showing as a yellow dot and poor. When I recover it, it says partially because it was overwritten by some weird file E:\mdb_h7.bk. Anyone know anyway to find the rest of the file or what I can do?

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I have not used Recuva, but I also have this file, along with mdb7.db and mdb7.log . Backup files of some kind? I use this card now only for GoPro, BUT there is a WinRAR archive on the card with lots of pictures saved from my old phone ( I was unable to connect my phone via USB directly to my computer, so at some point I used this microSD card to transfer my phone's pictures and videos). I'm guessing this is why I have these files we mentioned above, from doing some sort of "backup"-type process with my phone in the past. Other than that I used the card for a RaspberryPi device, and uploaded video game emulators, but that was longer ago, and I think the card was reformatted between then and the later uses (phone and then GoPro). I don't know if this helps shed any light on your situation, but good luck!

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