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Multiple issues with Speccy not showing info, or incorrect info.

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  • Issue #1) Not showing full name of CPU.  I have a Ryzen 9 - 3900X - 12 core CPU
  • issue #2) Not showing speed of (above) CPU (default is 3.8 GHz - Mine is OC'd to 4.0 GHZ)
  • Issue #3) Not showing Temp of (above) CPU


  • Issue #4) Only shows amount of Ram. No ram type, speed or temp shown.


  • Issue #5) I  have an RTX 2080Ti with 11GB of vram Speccy only shows 3GB


  • Issue #6) I have 2 NVME drives in my system. Speccy shows them as unknown SSD, and does not show temps of either.



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