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Recycle bin icon still showing trash

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After I run CCleaner, I see the recycle bin icon on my desktop still showing trash in it.  I open the recycle bin...it's empty.  Run CCleaner again and the trash icon disappears & shows an empty recycle bin.  Looking at what was deleted on the 2nd run, nothing from the recycle bin.  Tried all over again.

I put a trash file in the recycle bin, run CCleaner.  Results show the item was deleted from the bin.  Close CCleaner, recycle bin still shows trash.  When I double click on the icon, recycle bin is empty and when I close the bin the icon now shows no trash.  I believe this started happening with the latest update - CCleaner Professional v5.60.7307 (64 bit).

When I just empty the recycle bin WITHOUT using CCleaner the icon works ok as advertised.  So it's something in CCleaner.

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