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CCleaner with Flash Drive

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Hello. I am new here. I had a 16gb Sandisk thumb drive that I recently lost, or it was stolen. I had recently upgraded to the Mac version that no longer allowed for secure deletion. There was very sensitive personal information on the drive of files that were still on there, but even more sensitive info (acct. #'s, etc.) was on there previously, but since Mac no longer allowed for secure deltion, I used Clean My Mac to shred the files, then did a 35 pass wipe free space with CCleaner.I think I may have done this from the Windows virtual machine Parallels. Then I used a lesser pass on CCleaner on the Mac side. I am now reading that deleting anything from a flash drive is not secure. Does it mean it is not secure when people use physical recovery on the drive itself or is it not clear because of software recovery?

Is there a way for the wiped data to be recovered with recovery software that people can easily download these days?



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