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CCCloud Not A Good Fit For IT Services


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After a years worth of having CCleaner Cloud it just has not been worth the money for my IT service clients. There have been just too many problems and hours trying to use, repair, deploy and keep up with the program. It requires way to much maintenance and just doesn't work as well as the old desktop client has. Quite frankly, Piriform should have done more research and development with the program in the Windows 10 environment first before marketing this program.

OPne of the most irritating functions of CCleaner Cloud is what you put the program on the computer to do in the first place and that's clean out web browser temporary folders... this fails in almost all of my workstations constantly skipping Explorer, Chrome and Edge. NO! I don't want to have to run the computer in safe mode just to use the damn program! I will not resubscribe to their services and may look for an alternative solution to cleaning out files. 

If you look at my example you can see where CCleaner Cloud "SKIPPED" all the files and this happens all the time with their program because something is running in the background. I want a solution I don't have to keep fixing. 


Screenshot from 2018-12-17 08-55-55.png

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