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CCleaner v5.47.6701


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We're pleased to announce the latest release of CCleaner for Windows.

In this release, we’ve added a new rule for cleaning credit card data in Edge alongside other stability improvements.

Browser Cleaning

  • Added a new Edge cleaning rule for cleaning Credit Card data


  • Fixed cleaning from the Recycle Bin context menu
  • Fixed cleaning via commandline


  • Calling the Windows 'ping' function is now done explicitly from the /system32/ directory (fixes a potential vulnerability)

Download now! 
You can download CCleaner Free here.

Fancy a few more features? Download the CCleaner Professional trial version here

If you are already a CCleaner Professional user your installation will update automatically.

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File Verification
Please find below the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes for verification purposes.

CCleaner Installers

ccsetup547.exe - CCleaner Free Installer
    MD5:    8e5c66e38d4a668fcbec8b26941d76d0
    SHA256:    39cfdf127cd5735671e76f60b065ce31e7c788c040cdde6efdad1462a73055b3

ccsetup547pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Trial Installer
    MD5:    cd2c2b9fb3b22fdc69697aca4665ff3c
    SHA256:    aa750ee1656398cabf50ef614f700c9ea61dec685423d55418037ea4113b4063

ccsetup547_pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Installer
    MD5:    ac494d28aaa1d89a018a783cc31c1d08
    SHA256:    d1c5fcc72e1ce1d3de46212bbdfd0b6830e161cbfebc09b23c94684a6d818de2

ccsetup547_slim.exe - CCleaner Free Slim Installer
    MD5:    f5ae5c7b3f487810c2c0b197be6dea52
    SHA256:    bf5bbac22bce9b1592aa1a87a9e70e8cb379dadbcbeaae30beb3597b2271bed4

ccsetup547.zip - CCleaner Portable (zipped)
    MD5:    941bf784ee2ad56a8be31402aeacb438
    SHA256:    bf1b321091cb17571e759fb3bfb6e66d2491aa20be90233cf467b6a7d3fba227

ccsetup547_be.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Installer
    MD5:    507ff107b9c150bf7539b9f754dade3a
    SHA256:    26cd86aba706737f4ecaa9813a658c9b0f71b3cfe3d44a95a0cb170ccf63b00d

ccsetup547_be_trial.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Trial Installer
    MD5:    086249e040eb866eb3d7b5d40a3de7f2
    SHA256:    72108aac6dbda59bc5f50e1795c47d73df99fa0e41abd9cb6c3337e16724d4f5

ccsetup547_x64_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 64-bit MSI Installer
    MD5:    6ce63099bb8a65ae811d90a2d45aa6be
    SHA256:    bc7e18a2ca9f4a5219e1d9cff3ce2d020f027937af61ac74504e17d9a8654181

ccsetup547_x86_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 32-bit MSI Installer
    MD5:    b2778dd180052b4680b645270f6650be
    SHA256:    4f37919750c6667da545f03341a9a37364a2210bad73d4b01aed4203282e1652

ccsetup547_te.exe - CCleaner Technician Edition Installer
    MD5:    62af3ac702de59b7fa78b20cb71618f7
    SHA256:    f4429be75ecf4c4d608daa1efc033f2a0f1a76b0f7663a2ad6fe2e0ba2222e22

CCleaner Application Executables

CCleaner.exe - CCleaner 32-bit binaries
    MD5:    237ad2be8ba9c24714ef584a7b4955d0
    SHA256:    e1aa501ac6c59580f25c61f9b770cfa854d701b83a12766eb538647eea184f08

CCleaner64.exe - CCleaner 64-bit binaries
    MD5:    3af188461da6c555acd8d08fd2db2139
    SHA256:    9ed9215b46acf7b3c02066e3f93702659cf3f80fce3f83a233df05440b1c74ff

CCUpdate.exe - CCleaner Emergency Updater
    MD5:    3ff7f8e7ae5bfcfd1fb3a0880c064237
    SHA256:    b6e24bf3b42d9d68368b12d7703b56d091a90686eea506b8f3e28cc025c0105d

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