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CCleaner Hoplessly BROKEN!

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I have been a many-years user of CCleaner and I thank Piriform for its great little program which always used to work.  BUT, since Windows 10 came out a couple of years ago, CCleaner has been a completely DIS-functional program. 

It no longer cleans cookies properly when you quit Windows 10, and sometimes it doesn't clean AT ALL.  Each new version, and there have been at least a dozen, seems to make the faulty cleaning even more unreliable.  The latest half-dozen versions now hang so long that you can have a birthday just waiting for the useless program to complete what used to be a 10-second job! 

Too bad for Piriform.  You have ruined your once stellar reputation with this mutated disaster of a program!  You should pull it completely until it does what you claim it does, across the Windows 10 spectrum, or just kill it once and for all. 

Please, no more worthless, dysfunctional, misleading, untrustworthy updates to this failed CCleaner program.  Thank You.

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