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Bitdefender refuses to disable or be removed using...


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CC Pro mac edition latest bits are installed, in startup application mode after using CC to blow through the iMac Late 2014 +SSD HD and I7 and clean it which it did,  after a series of installs of software I just finished off, I  decided to take a look at startup apps/and things that load at startup and SAW bitdefender is still keeping an "update" startup file.  I switched to Macafee a few weeks ago and uninstalled bitdefender and artifact then I THOUGHT!!  today  i found lurking around this bitdefender artifact  (i was cyber dude...since '72 -2014 in one form or another so i like clean and tight machines). WHY and HOW do i rid myself of this idiocy. running a differnt virus engine and bitdefender should be LONG . GONE


bitdefender moved from england to romania and many bad boys are being arrested there for cyber BS,  so I went to McAfee for now.  SO the problem is using CC pro in start up app bit defender WILL NOT go away - suggestions PLEASE


So i AM NOT a OSX expert yet at all, i tossed windows out of my creative environment and have been VERY happy with the mac, CC cleaner pro on it and my windows machine (i have one with slow beta leaks for windows and office 360 and so far CC has worked fine and the builds i have been getting are NICE for windows but .....it stays outta my creative life.


 ---rollo from an island in the pacific northwest -just frustrated


Suggestions? -Thanks all!

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