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New UI and Performances


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Hello Piriform people.
The defraggler software is my favorite, I use it to accommodate the data of the system, and to unite the big files of the videogames in my SSD, because what is perfect, in the example of the images you will see that in my hard disk everything is almost together without fragments.

For this reason, I would like to contribute something that visually will have a great impact for new clients and also the ability to improve and add functional features in a faster and easier way.

I have done a XAML example in Visual Studio to see how a possible new version would be for it to be released in the future.

Also I would like to see new functions added

  1. Defragment MFT
  2. Export results in PDF
  3. Processed by GPU (AMD OpenCL and Nvidia CUDA)
  4. Add Shedule
  5. Intel Optane Compatible



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