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Look the other ...

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I really love your product...

But in some case i look around ...


You should look the option provide by Mydefrag. ( the scripting is probably a big advance ... But)


Hog file => move to the end or in the middle of the drive

The ability to configure the gap ...



For me the perfect product will put the files like this :


a) start of the OS


B) a gap for the log/temp/file used ( mail, game, personal file) : the files in use with a fast acess cause they are always defragmented and use everyday  ... ( just look the mess done by the mail if you recived a lot ... )


c) the unusefull file (hogfile, cab/zip/install-dir/...)


d) the big file AVI / ... > 1 or 2 Go


e) and some time the tmp/log/.... who are created by the install who are completly unusefull until remove a software ...


I suppose you can add that king of setup in your product and you will have one of the best.


The only way i found to setup my system drive like this is scripting mydefrag but learn scripting is not for every one.


Use that idea if you love it.

Anyway i love your product for 'everyday use ' ;)











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