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Just for Information - about the Message ''A New Version is available''

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I read last time here than the problem is resolve.... that every time you started CCleaner, the message ''New Version is available'' will not longer show up on you screen....


Probably this make work on the english version of CC,, but I am using the german on and after the 5 or 6 Update, I get the information to update of the last version... this is a little bit '''Strange and Perplex'', than I don't know if I have still the old version of my laptop or the new... 


Please check this point...


I wrote also a inquiry to know who much a full UPDATE, including the 5 products of CC would cost in Canadian Dollars and if CCleaner has a bank account or a company seat here in Canada, so I don't have to pay the high changing expense to the Credit Card Company, which double the selling price of the program...


The answer can be send to me to my mail address


Thanks in advance



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