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Increased precision in scan progress percentage display

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I'm currently in hour 29 of Stage 1, have "3 days remaining," and the progress bar has been stuck at 31% for the last 20 hours.  I'm new to disk recovery (in practice) and have been reassured that this is normal behavior for recovering a large drive.  No doubt then this could take even longer than 3 more days, but I can't help but getting antsy with a progress bar that isn't moving.

Understandably recovery scans can take a very long time to complete, especially on a drive that is multiple terabytes large (this one is 4TB).  This brings me to my feature request:  If at all practical, a progress percentage display with, let's say, 3 digits of precision would help assure people that the scan is progressing and isn't stuck in a loop trap or some other software error.  For example,


Current progress 31.123%, 5698766 file(s) found


then an hour later it might have incremented to


Current progress 31.127%, 5698766 file(s) found


That's not much progress, but it is nonetheless visible progress.  Or maybe display more detailed activity progress info, like


Scanning sector 123 of 4294967296.

5 bad sectors encountered so far.


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