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Minimum "Minimum File Size:" is 1


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I am using Defraggler's Move to end of drive feature.  I have the minimum size set to 0, and  my D:/Music folder set as the files to move.

Unfortunately, as was pointed out in 2011 by another user, when you set it to 0MB, it only moves 1MB and up files.


Is there any way this can be fixed/changed soon please?  It should only be a 1 character change in your code?







Reason:  I have about 1TB of music in my 2 TB D:// Harddrive.  Since that is entirely music, and speed requirements on it are low, I'd like to move it to the end of the drive. It won't be changing at all, so it won't get fragmented.  I have ~50GB used by my personal media server @ ~600,000 files.  They constantly change and get very fragmented.  With this changed configuration I can have my music shoved to the end and not worry about it

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