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"AUTO RUN" and "MINIMIZE TO Tray" ISSUES ... with Win UAC?

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I have a problem enabling the "Run Speccy when the computer starts" and "Minimize to tray" options.


- The first one ("Run Speccy...") does NOT work for Windows users (it DOES work for the system Administrator's account, though), even with the "Skip User Account Control warning" checked,


- The latter ("Minimize...") does NOT work even for the system Adminisrator (the "Run Speccy..." DOES work for him, but it opens the main Speccy window, which then remains opened).


I followed the online manual http://www.piriform.com/docs/speccy/speccy-settings (btw, it now seems to be outdated - missing newly added features). I have tried with the "Save all settings to INI file" option ON and OFF - none helps solve the problem.


Here are the screenshots of the current settings:




Do you have ani tips and/or ideas?


Thanks and kind regards

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Hello again,


just to refine my bug report, Speccy canNOT even be run by a Windows User the standard way (e. g. icon double click) - the system returns a missing Administrator privileges prompt (see attached screenshot), which does NOT even ask for the Aministrator's password (only simply rejects the attempt).


Speccy thus can only be run using the "Run as administrator" Windows' option - and, as written before, then needs to be minimized to Tray manually.



Hope this helps the developers debug otherwise very nice and useful Speccy. Thanks for it, by the way. ;)


Kind regards.


P. S. Interestingly, for the Administrator Speccy now minimizes to Tray automatically - w/o any settings changes done. Don't know, what happened (it doesn't seem to have been updated http://www.piriform.com/speccy/version-history).


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