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CCleaner won't clean my mac


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Hi everybody, new guy on the forum, nice to be here :)


I'm having some trouble with CCleaner on my late 2013 MacBook Pro running OSX12. I'm running the latest version of CCleaner, 1.14.451, and it's not cleaning my mac at all. When I press Analyse it detects all the removable files correctly, right now I have about 1.2Gb of unwanted files, but then when I press Run it works for a while and when it's done it tells me that only 2Mb were deleted. If I analyse and run again the same thing happens. I haven't changed any settings that should be able to cause this problem. I've also tried to reset to default settings and I've deleted and re-installed the program as well. What can I do to fix this?

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What settings are you using on CCleaner?  Other posters have suggested - 


'CCleaner for mac is working fine for me. Be sure that your selection for secure deletion is "normal" and not "secure". Sierra no longer allows secure deletion since Apple now uses SSD drives in most of their machines and those drives do not support secure erase.'


That really reduces the value of CCleaner in my opinion, but it looks like we're stuck with it.

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