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Excluding File Types - Important File Missing


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02/01/2017 I installed a free version of CCleaner v5.26 on a iMac running Windows 7.  I'm need to confirm if there is connection between its cleaning process and missing files on my iCloud account.  The missing file has an extension .psafe3 and was noticed the day after I ran CC cleaner. Coincidence?  


1. Would CCleaner have removed that file type?  

2. Would it remove files from an iCloud directory?

3. I want to know how to make sure it will exclude that file type.  

4. Also, where can I find the log file of the changes CC Cleaner made that day?  Perhaps the log will help me confirm. 


Thank you!

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G'day Troph,


CC does not keep a log file of what it cleaned.

.psafe3 is not a default file type CC look for unless you use an INCLUDE, a customised winapp2.ini file or some other enchancement to CC.

or unless it lived in a folder (say a Temp one) and that folder was included in the cleanup.

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