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Amount of time to defrag lg file?

Deborah Knight

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In Defraggler's world, is a 45mb tif file large? I'm a print designer and have a LOT of files that size. Is there a way anyone could give me a very rough time to defrag that file? A tech suggested I didn't need to defrag "these days" so I turned it off about 5 months ago.


I was able to degrag my Boot drive yesterday, but have been having a beastly time with my slave drive. It's 1 TB, with 274 GB free space. I feel like I'm making very little progress, and I'm a patient person.


I can defrag individual folders on it where there is very little content, but it's been stuck in a 1.13 GB folder doing one 45 mb file, for a very long time (likely about an hour, but didn't look when I started it).


The stop button doesn't seem to be stopping it (so far about 5 minutes).


Am I just expecting too much from the program?


Your Help is vastly appreciated!!

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