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Erasing Homepage Options


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I cleaned the system, reset my comcast homepage preferences and saved all cookies shown in the window of options>cookies>cookies. After running the cleaner again my preferences were removed again. Any ideas how to keep the preferences?

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I just installed ccleaner & noticed my comcast homepage settings were removed & replaced by the default settings provided by comcast. How do I set the ccleaner so this won't hapen? Thanks.


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Some possibilities to check:


1. Were all the cookies kept?


2. Is the CCleaner Options > Cookies list showing all cookies? The failure of CCleaner to do this has been reported in the past by several users. Confirm by comparing with Cookies displayed by Windows Explorer.


3. Are the settings saved in incrementally numbered cookies? Some websites create a new cookie each time there's the slightest change and alternate version numbers, e.g., user@news.google[1].txt then user@news.google[2].txt then user@news.google[1].txt. I have found some sites that rotate through 1 to 3 for no apparent reason. If that's the case, protecting cookie[1] may not protect cookie[2] or [3].

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