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Just completed all the downloads. My opinion, you ask?


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Hi there.  I did just finish downloading everything I got so now that it's all there I can tell you, I do like this program and or what I have used so far.  I actually got most of it about a month ago and finally put in the back-up disc I got in the mail today.  (I kept putting it off, then it would periodically just leave my mind as many things do these days)  The newest version finally completed it's download.

 after I put the disc in.  I feel confident with this product once it's set up correctly.


I knew that I would need a lot of help and wasn't sure where to turn.  Enough of that, I found this forum and hopefully this is where I can get the help I need. 


I'm thinking you probably want numbers.  Windows 10 etc.  but I don't know what else you need.  I'm the new noob on the block as you can tell.  I will pick it up quickly so no worries.


Configuring  Defraggler is my goal.  I've got it set to run once a month, day, time of day.  Where I need the help is when it comes to what to do with what files, like put the larger ones at the end, etc...The problem with that is I don't know the size of anything. This is what I do,  I sell online and almost all of my memory that is used is taken up by photos. I don't have music on here any longer, no videos and no downloaded games.  I watch videos and listen to music via You Tube if that makes any difference and I do play online games.  No xBox.  I also take part in a forum re vintage and antiques.  I hope that's not Too much info, I just don't know if all that matters and I want my pc to run efficiently so I don't waste time because the pc is so slow.  It's actually running better already, I can't wait to get it all right!


When I take photos, I take a grip of them and they are, of course, not all used but I do like to keep them.  Last week I spent a lot of time deleting many I knew I could not use, either to dark or whatever but many I like to keep as inventory.  Usually after something is sold I take one or two photos and move them to a "Sold" file within my camera editing program and delete that items additional photos.


I don't know much about "fragmented" files and how drives work.  And there lies my issue.  Should I exclude photos from being defragged?  I honestly don't know what step I take.  I have not run a full defrag as of yet because the message I get is that it will take more than one day.  I know I have to do this so I want to do it right.  Today I 'wiped' the "free space" hoping that would help before I got here.  That process took about 3 hours or so. 


Can someone please assist or guide me to add the correct settings so that this process completes as quickly and efficiently as possible and helps my computer to run faster?  If you could just let me know what it is you need, where to get the info you need, I'll get it, put it here so you have a clear picture.  I'm pretty sure you've got the picture that I'm lost...lol.


Thank you in advance, your help is greatly appreciated!



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Did everyone that read this just shake their heads?  LOl  Sorry, I did find where I needed to be and it's all good now.  I love this package deal I got.  It works beautifully on my pc, that is now so much faster!  I'm very happy with this product


Well, at least you all may have gotten a good laugh!  I hope so.


Have a great weekend!



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