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Defragging time/calculator and %


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Am I running into a problem when after an hour of defragging, the calculator is still saying "calculating" and the % is still at 0?


I tried defragging about a month ago, but had to cancel it because after 24 hours of defragging, it still said greater than 24 hours.


I tried the newer version 2.20, 2.21, and now am using the 2.19 verison as I looked on the forums that said these versions are faster, but I am still having the issue of it taking so long.


Any help would be fantastic and thanks!


edit: my pc specs are

GeForce GTX 980M

Intel® Core i-7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.6GHz

8.00 GB Ram (7.92 usable)

Windows 8.1


edit2: after about 46 Hours of defragging on version 2.19, I have finally achieved getting to defraggmenting (100%) ; Remaining time: 1 Minute. It has been like this for over 2 hours so hopefully its going to actually finish eventually these last few files..


So if youre having a timer like mine, just hang in there and let it run for multiple days or just pause it and continue it while your away from your pc.

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