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defraggler causes USB drive to'hunt' continuously


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Hi guys, this is a strange one. I have 5 USB HD's attached to my PC running XP. every time I open deFraggler; before I even address the drive in the window I want to examine - one of my drives [ the same one each time ] starts to hunt internally like it's searching but the drive light is steady [ on but not actively addressed ]. I can hear it start to 'click - whire - click like there is something wrong in the id sector. Addressing it either with mycomputer OR defraggler, stop's the hunting. When I exit DF, this particular drive still goes on hunting [???] the only way to stop it is reboot the whole machine - OR address it activly to use files on it. Logging off don't stop it...removing it and then plugging it back in don't work, only a machine reboot stops it. Analysis of drive sez all ok, drive test comes up ace. This beats the hell out of me. bet this will tax a few brains because it's got me dead beat, :(

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