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Defrag free space on 2003R2 VM to move all files to start of drive


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On a 2003R2 I need to move all files to the start of the drive so as to allow me to (I believe) better shrink a large VHD. I believed "defrag free space" would do that. I have tried various combinations of defrag / defrag free space and so far still have loads of small free space areas and no good conclusion.


I have some large (6GB'ish) database files as this is a SQL Server 2000 machine


I read one comment in these forums suggesting defrag free space was still buggy... can anyone advise ... a) am I wasting my time and money ... b )  is there a workflow to best achieve this ... c) are there any alternative defraggers that would do better (yes, I understand that's not very nice to ask but if the free space defrag should do this and doesn't I think its a fair thing to ask) ... d) am I missing something


Please don't say change OS or SQL Server, there are good reasons why this is currently not possible.


The disk is about 63% free space ... 127GB total with 46GB used


A lot of the problematic fragments appear to be "Not fragmented (Low occupancy) in case that's of use



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Replying to my own topic... the issue appears to be a number of items that are not movable. These are the "Not fragmented (Low occupancy)" fragments that seem to be USN related.


The only Defraggler problem would seem to be that so far I can't see any indications of what items are not movable ... I'll report back if I find something or a way to move those items

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