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10 hours of defraggler @1% completion


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I have an issue with defraggler, and I'm not quite sure what to do about it.

I have run multiple sessions of defraggler and find that the completion counter never reaches 2%, and the "remaining time" never finishes calculating.
I have already been to Settings > Options > Advanced, stopped VSS and went into custom fragmentation settings and made sure both boxes were checked.


First Analysis said my HDD was 19% fragmented with 9000 files (My hard drive was only 50% full, 500GB out of 1TB)
After half an hour, the fragmented file count was dropping and the process was at 1%, still no calculated remaining time.

I check back a few hours later, and fragmented files is back at 9000!


I then run assortments of Windows defrags, Quick defraggler defrags, and got it to just 16% fragmentation.
In the first few minutes, fragmented file count dropped from 1400 to 1275. A few minutes later, and it's increasing again.


Is this supposed to happen? And I'm positive this isn't supposed to take as long as 10+ hours for 1%.


Help is appreciated. Thanks

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can't close a topic.

it's good to leave it as it may help others.


good to hear you got it sorted.

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