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Editing "dfboottime.cfg" for entire-path Boot Time Defrag

Hyago Martins

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Hello guys,


I had an idea in mind. I will test and compare defragmenting speed between Native NT app "dfboottime.exe" (aka Boot Time Defrag) and Win32 app "Defraggler.exe", to choose the best method for different scenarios. But not know if the dfboottime supports defragmentation of entire paths or partitions.


Checking the "dfboottime.cfg" config file, I realized that each file being defragmented is set between "<file>" and "</file>", as in this example:


I have tested this another way to achieve the defrag of root path (C:\):


As I imagined, the boot text log displays quickly "Complete", and nothing else happens.

Exists an another marker, as "<path>" and "</path>", or something that allows me the entire-path defrag?



Hyago Martins

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