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Defrag stops after finding all the files

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when I run defrag it builds the file list then lists the number of files etc then it calculates disk performance and comes up defrag complete and has not defragged anything as the current state is still the same as analysis results. this takes about 3 minutes.

something must be wrong as when you do a quick defrag it does defrag the files but takes a few hours so should probably be called long defrag.

I cannot see what has changed as defrag used to work.

thanks Paul


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The major problem you have is non-contentious Free Space, which DF requires in order to manipulate files around until it can move them into their proper place, if DF cannot find a big enough block of free space to put files into it will abort. The first thing you need to do is consolidate all your free space (which you have VERY little of) and about the only way this can be done is to have the disk "Offline" and the only way to do that is to optimize during reboot or from another disk with an optimizer installed on it.

You can try the DF- Freespace  but I doubt it will do much of anything, you can also try to DF during reboot (do not have the Move Large Files selected), The absolute best way is to DF drive C: from drive D:

If you do have a drive D: and Defraggler cannot get the job done I know of another DF'er that will.



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