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CCleaner Cloud has Launched!


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It's celebration time!

After months of hard work we're pleased to announce Project Agomo has come out of Beta and has now become CCleaner Cloud!

Developed to bring freedom and peace-of-mind to millions, CCleaner Cloud - the ultimate cloud-based PC management application - gives you the power to clean and manage your computers easily, from anywhere.

CCleaner Cloud harnesses the power of our award-winning desktop products so you can:

  • Clean temporary files and clutter from all of the machines you manage, right from your browser
  • Defragment hard drives to improve performance and lifespan
  • Fix Registry issues remotely
  • Install or remove software from all of your home or work computers
  • And view hardware specs and performance stats for your entire network

No matter where you are.

Plus, it even runs a series of in-depth reports to warn you before problems occur!

And CCleaner Cloud is getting even better!

In the coming weeks we're rolling out some new features to make using CCleaner Cloud a truly exceptional experience – watch this space for more details!

Sign-up to start your journey to peace of mind everywhere.

If you’re an Agomo user, your account has been automatically updated to CCleaner Cloud.

Hear from us by email:

If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up to receive selected email communications, including news, product updates, case studies and special announcements, here.

Connect with us:

Piriform on Facebook

Piriform on Twitter

Piriform on Google+


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