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1) Add the ability to clear all the saved history from the "New Tabs" page. When you click to open a new tab, it loads some of its suggestions from Mozilla, mixed with some of your history, even after a cleaning with all the marks checked for all browsers. I would like for this to be an added option or an included part of the history cleaning.


2) Firefox has the option to "Sync" your favorites and other settings, like add-ons, across all your computers and devices. After a cleaning, the password for Sync is wiped and then the next time you open the browser on that computer, you get a notification that Sync could not connect and needs you to retype the password. This is a combination of 2 different screens that must be gone through. First, you click on the notification (or go to tools) to get to the Firefox options, then you click on the "Manage" page to login. (You could also get there by clicking into Tools and clicking Reconnect to Sync.) And then you type the password and close the page.

This needs to be a seperate option so that it can be unchecked and not burried in another option full of stuff that should be cleaned.


Thank you for considering these options,


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I should point out, now realizing it, that this first behaviour is needed on all versions of Windows, that I can tell, but the second only started happening on the Beta 38 version of Firefox. I did not realize the second behaviour until Beta 38, but did notice the first since they added the "New Tabs" page with page suggestions.

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