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Wrong SMART informations


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I have 2 disks connected to my computer. Some informations displayed about second disk are actually coming from first disk. SMART informations (among some other) about second disk are all coming from first disk. You can also see that serial number and FW version are the same within both disks. There should be a bug somewhere. First disk is SSD with working time 55d and second is HDD with working time 1h. I'm using Windows 8.1 64bits and got same result with Speccy 1.27.703 using both 32bits and 64bits portable version.


Here's a copy/paste of Storage screen http://pastebin.com/HHavH3TQ


I wanted to post an online report but there are too many personal informations within it. Though, if an admin request it, I can send it by MP.

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