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Connection Standard for GPU and Monitor (e.g. HDMI 1.4)


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Would be very helpfull to show all possible connection standards including their version for

- out of GPU

- into Monitor



- HDMI 1.4

- Diplayport 1.2



so you could easily determine which cable to buy, is a new 4K Monitor suitbable for being used on your existing GPU...

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Speccy, or any software, wouldn't be able to interrogate what ports are available on a monitor.


Based on the monitor and graphics card models that is finds, I guess it could do a lookup on the manufactures web site for specifics or keep its own database but that would be of an order of magnitude above and beyond what I would deem justified for such a small, simple tool.


For the scenario you describe, I would feel safer knowing I did that research myself, looking at the graphics card and monitor specs than relying on Speccy to guess the answer for me.

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