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Right-Click Not Working


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I am unable to use the right-click (or two-finger click) to select a single specific item I want to analyze or clean.  This function works fine in the Windows version, but does not work for me on the Mac version.


Generally, I was not able to get any response when right-clicking an item.  But strangely, after clicking all around the screen, I finally was able to click far off to the right of the item name (inside the same pane, almost at the pane boundry line), but... the right-click popup was for an item much further down in the list, like 13 items below. 


So test this first... see if you can hover over an item like Internet Cache under Safari.  A right-click should bring up a context menu that allows you to analyze that specific item or clean that item.  I don't get any response when I right-click on this item.


Next do a right-click to the far right of Internet Cache under Safari almost to the vertical line, and I get a popup but it is for Unneeded Langauages way down the list.


So I can't right-click when I hover over the item I want to select.  And the right-click is erratic since it senses far off the item name and selects the wrong item from the list.


Using CCleaner 1.07.236 with OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks on a RMBP.


Could you please fix this.  Thanks.

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I can't reproduce what you're describing. Right-clicking (i.e. with two fingers) on both App names and individual entries underneath them is giving me the same context menu I get in Windows. Nothing seems off vertically or horizontally about the registered targets of my clicks.

I get the same context menu content for Safari > Internet Cache as I do for System > Unneeded Languages, so I'm assuming you're say it's the context menu for the latter based on the menu's position on the screen, not its content.

I'm using the same versions of OS X and CCleaner that you are, but on a non-Retina MacBook Air.

Are you seeing strange behavior in other apps too? If so, I'd think hardware or . If not, perhaps CCleaner doesn't support the higher DPI of Retina screens properly (e.g. miscalculating click positions, though I'd think Cocoa/the-OS would handle that)?

Could someone else with a Retina try to reproduce this?

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