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Speccy 1.24 turning mobile GPU on and off

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since installating 1.24 of Speccy on my laptop with NVidia GPU with Optimus-Support I noticed that when speccy runs in the background and in the tray (showing the temperatur of the CPU) it keeps turning the GPU on and off.

I have a small tool from NVidia in the tray that shows whether the internal HD4000 or the GT540M is in use. Normally the GT540M is only in use when playing. Until Version 1.23 of speccy I had no issue, but using 1.24 the little tool from NVidia keeps showing that the GT540M is in use for a few msecs then off, then on, then off, and so on... It keeps turning the GPU ON and OFF. After shutting down Speccy the tool got back to show that the GT540M was not in use.

After turning back to 1.23 all was back to normal, the GPU was only used once at the start of Speccy and then back to normal.

Any idea? Has anything changed in the way the GPU-Data is read?


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