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start/autostart Speccy minimized


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let me be the first reply then...

thats should not even be a post ..but allready implmentend option



why is there uac issus with speccy.. seem program dont have the verification rights, or other start and run as minimized task issus


this Tool could be better and i know many mortherboard has own progs. today but let me say it simple ppl and those software have update / more bugs in them and

seen it overtime forget to update management program anyway, and what is importen then all come to it


cpu and gfx Card and hd temp ,, thats what we need a program that keep a eye on it because then if play a high performance game or disk task today

before you can get out of game and see temp it have drop temp so much that reading is to later and even bios reading have same issus so we need a threadhold sound

set it to something as u need so u know that it has warning setting and if in case fan stop working ...yeah yeah i know some has a buildin warning but some do forget that temp that has reach max can infact damage board on a Circuit to become more unstable but thats another issus...




cpu operating 60-70degree

in some bios u can set bios warning depend 60 70 80 90 i do a 80 option

but it could be nice if progran had a user option if i ever hit option 75 degree start sound just as a help could be fan or dust or WHO cares just let me know ,

and i know there is many hd and cpu , gfx Card has diffrent setting and Again depned on fan and air flow throw cabinet .. but with a user setting its upto me to adjust it to what i need and not periform faulth if warning or user has mis-config user settings


agghhhh sorry for the long post but you only report someting if u actual have something to say " have seen Black burn dust on Circuitboard so i know what im talking about"

cant say what cause it but dust have been there and maybe a heat issus or whatever a cleaning might have helped if a program could have warn me that temp has been raised over time


best regards

a hardcore user with a homepc thats runs 16hours/24 allmost every day

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