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Samsung $250 chromebook


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So I was browsing bestbuy today and they had the samsung chromebook in stock. This machine is $250 dollars and packs a dual core exynos processor(think tablet/phone processor) 2gigs, 12in screen and 16 gigs of flash storage.


I have to say that this machine is much nicer than the acer I tried a few weeks ago. The keyboard is really nice compared to a lot of lower end laptops and the trackpad seems pretty nice as well(I use a wireless mouse). This machine is not a speed demon but it seems sufficient for a browsing/productivity machine. My favorite part is that its completely fanless so you don't have to worry about it overheating.


It's super light and feels fairly well built. I compared it to a lot of 300-400 dollar laptops and it feels better built than most of the ones they had on the sales floor at bestbuy. I think its because its not as fat and the plastic doesn't flex due to empty space in the casing.


I would mainly use this to browse, watch youtube, and do google docs/email and it works fine for that. I think I may actually keep this one unlike the acer model. It just feels a lot nicer to type on. My only dilemma is that its more expensive. At $250 your getting awfully close to cheap windows territory. Of course your going to get a heavy brick of a machine at about $300 and not this lightweight chromebook. But you would have a lot more options with a cheap windows machine.

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